Vezzi Veneti Cucine e Arredamenti

Vezzi Veneti

Artisan company with over 50 years’ experience in design furnitures.

Constant research, combined with the use of modern technology and the ability to comply with the new market, have always been a distinctive feature of the company. Vezzi Veneti annually invests considerable resources in the renovation and expansion of facilities to equip the factory with newer machinery, processing and polishing wood, and new computer system design implementation, in order to provide a high quality service to its customers.

Alcuni Progetti

The ever-changing needs of designers, combined with the desire to learn and to explore new avenues, is the driving force behind us in the years to implement our technical background.

In a territory traditionally marked by the realization of classical furniture, we are committed to reach the top quality even in modern interiors, characterized – in recent years – from the clever mix of modern materials and new finishes, with recycled materials and / or taken from other productive sectors. Here we present some works that could sum up what is our mission: to meet the different demands of designers, collaborating with them, offering our experience, technical and production capabilities.

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