Over 50 years ago, in a Northeast fruitful entrepreneurial, intuitive founder gave born to Vezzi Veneti. This artisan company that began his production of doors and windows to implement them on furniture, with individual pieces or with on request projects.
Constant research, combined with the use of modern technology and the ability to comply with the new market, have always been a distinctive feature of the company. Vezzi Veneti annually invests considerable resources in the renovation and expansion of facilities to equip the factory with newer machinery, processing and polishing wood, and new computer system design implementation, in order to provide a high quality service to its customers.
The real strength of the company is the working group, made up by the owner and by young, motivated, trained and experienced, which includes all the figures necessary for the management and development of major projects.
The careful selection of the best woods for the blocks and their drying in our structure, guarantee stability and durability of our products; the wise use of solid wood, the accurate processes and the smooth integration of the technological elements are the essential prerogative for us to achieve excellent quality.
A high-level development, the solid construction systems and research of modern amenities for the perfect movement of doors, drawers and baskets, ensuring the durability of the product over time. The widest range of colors and trendy fabrics for upholstery allow you to customize at most every decor.
Since a while we set to buy timber from regenerated forests, we use special glues formaldehyde free, top coats certified and we use our biomass for heating our workspace.