Entrance and living area made by teak wood that is well suited to the simple and modern lines, and at the preference of the customer for this precious essence.
Bathroom in teak, where the washbasin is an extension of the woodwork who dresses it.
Realization of the fireplace area, complete with wood paneling and floor always made by teak wood.

The Mountain Cottage

Wonderful interpretation of mountain house, where modern lines and reclaimed wood expertly worked creates a warm and comfortable ambience. The ability to empathize with the client’s taste is the prerogative of an environment with an atmosphere where he will try a sensory experience captivating and relaxing.
Special living area, where the choice of shapes and sizes makes light an environment saturated with wood.
The stove, which heats up the stairs and the master bedroom, is beautifully adorned with reclaimed wood for a bench, a perfect place where warm up after a day on the snow.
The idea of the bedroom in the attic, exposed in the beginning on a paper, become a wonderful reality. Stands out the clever contrast between the new beams, the recovered wooden furniture and the essential and modern basin.
The search of old wood in various mountain areas, which ended in the Aurina valley, is crowned by the beautiful effect of this furniture from the inimitable warmth. The intelligent use of old wood – worked, cleaned and left rough to not alter the work done by the sun and the wind – combined steel and some modern additions, can create warm and natural atmosphere, while maintaining a
modern lightness stylistic of a design that starts from the walls, to then continue on stairs and elements of furniture.