Cabinet Wardrobe

The Master Bedroom

The big customize wardrobe embellished with elegant solid wood columns, with leather panels and brass studs. Tonality and materials are chosen for rest rooms; inside all accessories are extremely practical.

Cabinet Wardrobe

Depending on the style, space and budget available different combinations can be used. These proposals as lacquered stand out for strong classic taste, where the alternation of open compartments and drawers containers provide practicality and elegance in every detail, where everything is taken care of his place to be stored; the ceiling, that conceals the plant engineering, and the floors are designed together with the cabin.

Cabinet Wardrobe

Proposal for a Cabinet wardrobe, made of oak wood, lacquered and finished in gold leaf. The width of the room allows very harmonious design solutions to divide areas for him and her.


Modern design for this hotel room. Note the resolution of the swiveling desk, which reflects the search for new solutions that has always animated our company.

Master Bedroom Concept

The wood, the glass and the lather, mixed with discretion for a warm and modern bed room; Very often our proposals arise from a drawing done by hand: in our opinion, this choice of presentation allows the customer to imagine the final result of the intervention without influencing the choices of accessories too.